Office of the General Counsel

Administrative Orders

Order Number Order Description Subject Date Issued
12-06 In re Initiative Measure No. 70, "Prohibition on Corporate Contributions Initiative of 2012" Petition Sufficiency - Initiatives 08/08/2012
00-032 In re Kristen Lee Barden Appeals from Preliminary Determinations of Ineligibility 09/25/2000
00-041 In re Leron P. Latimer Special Ballot Determinations 11/20/2000
06-006 In Re McBee vacate Certified Election Results Miscellaneous 12/07/2006
11-004 In re Michael Sindram Miscellaneous 06/06/2011
11-004-A In re Michael Sindram, ANC 4A Grant Rescission Complaint Miscellaneous 10/27/2011
07-005 In re One Minute Past Twelve Party Application for Approval of New Party Name Approval of Party Names 07/19/2007
02-014 In Re Single Member District 4B02 Miscellaneous 04/15/2002
11-001 In re Sulaimon Brown for Mayor Principal Campaign Committee, Gray for Mayor Principal Campaign Committee Miscellaneous 03/08/2011
02-015 In Re Support for a Public Hospital Proper Subject Determinations - Initiatives 06/11/2002