Office of the General Counsel

Administrative Orders

Order Number Order Description Subject Date Issued
22-022 Clayton Aristotle Rosenberg v. Edward Lee Daniels. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Candidate. Single Member District 8F04 Challenges to Nominating Petitions 09/06/2022
01-001 Cleopatra Jones v. Lugman James Shabazz Challenges to Nominating Petitions 02/12/2001
02-020 Cleopatra Jones v. Peter A. King Challenges to Nominating Petitions 09/26/2002
04-021 Collins v. Heinemann Challenges to Nominating Petitions 08/20/2004
16-004 Council Member Resignation and Official Vacancy Re Hon Vincent Orange Miscellaneous 08/22/2016
04-017 Council Members Must Pay Their Parking Tickets Initiative of 2004 Proper Subject Determinations - Initiatives 06/14/2004
18-007 D. Morris Michael, Challenger v. Calvin H. Gurley, Candidate Challenges to Nominating Petitions 04/23/2018
18-009 D.C. Bike Life Access and Use of Non-Traditional Vehicles Act of 2018 Proper Subject Determinations - Initiatives 05/18/2018
04-019 D.C. Republican Committee Miscellaneous 06/14/2004
10-022 D.C. Republican Committee v. Office of Campaign Finance Requests for Review of Office of Campaign Finance Orders and Decisions 12/28/2010