Campaign Signs

Campaign Signs, Posters, and Placards on Public Property

The Office of Campaign Finance requires that campaign literature contain on its face the words "Paid for by," followed by the name and address of the payer or the committee and its treasurer on whose behalf the material appears.

The Board's ability to regulate the placement of campaign materials is limited to within 50 feet of the entrance of a polling place. Rules and regulations for the posting of campaign signs in public space outside of this perimeter are overseen by the District Department of Transportation. These rules are primarily enforced by the Department of Public Works.

In general, campaign signs, posters, and placards are permitted on public property, but a permit is required from the Department of Transportation Public Space Permitting Center. Permits can be filed online at

Even though candidates for political office in the District are allowed to place signs, posters, and placards throughout the city, there are restrictions within the law that campaigns and campaign supporters should know about and follow.

Title 24 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR) provides specifics of the laws that pertain to posting and removal of campaign materials in public space. Following these regulations ensures that campaign signs will serve their intended purpose - as civic reminders of the importance of exercising the right to vote - rather than as unfortunate signs of environmental blight and potential litter. Please see for the most up-to-date version of the DCMR.

Members of the Public:

To make a complaint about a campaign sign, posters, or placards posted on public property in violation of these rules, call the Citywide Call Center at 311.