The following downloadable maps provide you an illustration of the city, ward and ANC/SMD boundaries. The maps are in Portable Document Format (PDF), which allows them to be viewed on screen or printed exactly as they were produced.

Large-format printed maps of each ward are also available over the counter at the Board’s office for $10. Payment must be made by check or money order; the Board does not accept cash or credit cards. You can complete the request form here.


Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3 Ward 4 Ward 5 Ward 6 Ward 7 Ward 8
1A* 2A* 3B* 4A* 5A* 6A* 7B* 8A*
1B* 2B* 3C* 4B* 5B* 6B* 7C* 8B*
1C* 2C* 3D* 4C* 5C* 6C* 7D* 8C*
1D* 2D* 3E* 4D* 5D* 6D* 7E* 8D*
  2E* 3F*   5E* 6E* 7F* 8E*
  2F* 3G          

Every ten years, these maps are adjusted based on U.S. Census data to ensure equal representation among all residents.

* This document is presented in Portable Document Format (PDF). A PDF reader is required for viewing. Download a PDF Reader or Learn More About PDFs

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