DCBOE and Regulations - Administrative Orders

2000 Administrative Orders
Order No. Subject Date Issued
00-001 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Paula Pyne-Hebron2/4/2000
00-002 *Office of Campaign Finance v. James Caviness2/4/2000
00-002A *Cruse v. Starrels3/17/2000
00-003 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Committee to Elect George Holmes2/4/2000
00-004 *Office of Campaign Finance v. People to Elect Bill Lewis2/4/2000
00-005 *Lenwood Johnson v. Franklin Pryor2/4/2000
00-006 *Ronnie Edwards v. Joan Thomas3/23/2000
00-007 *Ronnie Edwards v. Robert Yeldell3/23/2000
00-008 *Letitia Gomez v. Kathy Henderson3/27/2000
00-009 *Board of Elections and Ethics v. John Capozzi3/17/2000
00-010 *Frank Zampatori v. Ronald King3/17/2000
00-012 *Letitia Gomez v. Harvey Jones3/27/2000
00-013 *Letitia Gomez v. Paul Scutt3/27/2000
00-014 *Letitia Gomez v. Julius Ware II3/27/2000
00-015 *Aurelia King v. Winifred Freeman3/27/2000
00-016 *Aurelia Corbett King v. Charles Gaither3/23/2000
00-017 *Aurelia Corbett King v. Diane Miller3/23/2000
00-018 *Aurelia King v. Anita Shelton3/27/2000
00-019 *Aurelia Corbett King v. Romaine Thomas3/23/2000
00-020 *Ronald Boykins Sr. v. Donald Folden Sr.8/4/2000
00-020B*Terrance Lynch v. Office of Campaign Finance4/7/2000
00-021 *Reform Party v. Board of Elections and Ethics9/7/2000
00-022 *Beverlye Neal v. Steven Block3/23/2000
00-023 *Beverlye Neal v. Janie Boyd, et al.3/23/2000
00-024 *Beverlye Neal v. Gail Davis3/23/2000
00-025 *Anthony Williams v. Office of Campaign Finance9/22/2000
00-026 *Paula Nickens v. Wanda Alston3/23/2000
00-027 *Paula Nickens v. Regina Hubbard3/23/2000
00-028 *Anita Shelton v. Ana Nunez and Saul Solorzano3/23/2000
00-030 *Karen Armagost v. Spencer Hollis9/28/2000
00-031 *Kristiana Gomes v. Chris Ray9/28/2000
00-032 *In re Kristen Lee Barden9/25/2000
00-033 *Kristiana Gomes v. Faith9/25/2000
00-034 *Aurelia King v. Lorine Watson3/27/2000
00-035 *Norman Neverson v. Johnny Barnes3/27/2000
00-036A *In re "The School Governance Charter Amendment Act of 2000"5/11/2000
00-036B *Dorothy Brizill v. Office of Campaign Finance6/26/2000
00-037 *Virginia Major v. John L. Davis10/4/2000
00-039 *Andrew Miscuk v. Pauline Nowak10/4/2000
00-040 *Marvin Fields v. Earle Rands10/4/2000
00-041 *In re Leron P. Latimer11/20/2000

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