DCBOE and Regulations - Administrative Orders

2002 Administrative Orders
Order No. Subject Date Issued
02-001 *Michael Sindram, Challenger, v. Bonnie Moss, Candidate1/4/2002
02-002 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Loretta Hill-Dobson1/4/2002
02-003 *Treatment Instead of Jail for Nonviolent Drug Offenders3/11/2002
02-004 *Treatment Instead of Jail for Certain Nonviolent Drug Offenders3/11/2002
02-005 *Office of Campaign Finance v. David Krentel4/5/2002
02-006 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Tayloria Jordan4/5/2002
02-007 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Kenneth Thomas4/5/2002
02-008 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Jacqueline Brower4/5/2002
02-009 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Larry Siegel4/8/2002
02-010 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Christopher West4/8/2002
02-011 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Gregory Davis4/8/2002
02-012 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Loretta Hill-Dodson4/8/2002
02-013 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Armando Prieto4/8/2002
02-014 *In Re Single Member District 4B024/15/2002
02-015 *In Re Support for a Public Hospital6/11/2002
02-016 *Brizill v. Anthony Williams7/30/2002
02-017 *Initiative No. 63 Medical Marijuana8/12/2002
02-018 *H.J. Amons Sr. v. DeLeon Ware9/26/2002
02-019 *In the matter of Hon. Mayor Anthony Williams8/15/2002
02-020 *Cleopatra Jones v. Peter A. King9/26/2002
02-021 *H.J. Amons Sr. v. Jessica Ward9/26/2002
02-022 *Charles Matiella v. Regina Upchurch9/26/2002
02-023 *Law v. Ward, Re Challenge to Nomination Petition9/26/2002
02-023A *Pat Kidd v. Georgia Dickens9/30/2002
02-024 *Michael Sindram v. Faith Wheeler10/1/2002
02-025 *Michael Sindram v. Regina Page10/1/2002
02-026*Lenwood Johnson v. Regina Upchurch10/1/2002
02-027 *George Jackson v. Joan Black10/1/2002
02-028*Jonathan Orr v. Charles Howe10/1/2002
02-029 *In Re: Richard C. Bartel10/7/2002

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