DCBOE and Regulations - Administrative Orders

2004 Administrative Orders
Order No. Subject Date Issued
04-001 *Support for a Public Hospital in the Nation's Capital of 20042/4/2004
04-002 *Rhonda Chappelle v. Office of Campaign Finance2/19/2004
04-003 *Dorothy Miller v Graham Long3/26/2004
04-004 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Eugene Adams4/9/2004
04-005 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Erik K. Foster4/9/2004
04-006 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Peter D. Mitchell4/9/2004
04-007 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Janet Myers4/9/2004
04-008 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Betty Comer Richardson4/9/2004
04-009 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Fayette Vaughn4/9/2004
04-010 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Curtis Hardwick4/9/2004
04-011 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Bobby McManus4/9/2004
04-012 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Jacquelyn Randolph4/9/2004
04-013 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Chailendu Pegues4/9/2004
04-014 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Annie Jackson4/9/2004
04-015 *Office of Campaign Finance v. Andrea Edmond4/9/2004
04-016 *Anthony A.Williams And Vincent Mark J. Policy5/18/2004
04-017 *Council Members Must Pay Their Parking Tickets Initiative of 20046/14/2004
04-018 *GSA Bill HR 429 International Home Rule Charter Amendment #236/14/2004
04-019 *D.C. Republican Committee6/14/2004
04-020 *Citizens Committee for the D.C. Video Lottery Terminal Initiative of 2004, Proponents8/13/2004
04-021 *Collins v. Heinemann8/20/2004
04-022 *Farmer v. Simmons8/19/2004
04-023 *Farmer v. Artisst8/19/2004
04-024 *DC Citizens to Elect the Next Chief of Police9/27/2004
04-025 *Advisory Neighborhood Commission, Single Member District 1C0712/21/2004
04-026*Advisory Neighborhood Commission, Single Member District 5B0112/21/2004

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