Ballot Measures

Current Measures

CERTIFIED FOR THE BALLOT - November 8, 2022 General Election

Initiative 82, The District of Columbia Tip Credit Elimination Act of 2021

  • Under current law, employers of employees classified as “tipped workers” may take a credit against tipped wages received by workers to satisfy the minimum wage guaranteed to all workers by law. If enacted, the Initiative would gradually eliminate the credit, such that the mandatory base wage (currently $5.05 per hour, indexed to inflation) paid by employers shall increase until 2027, when the mandatory base wage matches the minimum wage established by District of Columbia law (currently $15.20 per hour, indexed to inflation). Tips continue as property of employees and will be in addition to the statutory minimum hourly wage.


  • A Recall Petition was submitted on August 1, 2022 and preliminarily accepted by the Board. The petition will be posted for a 10 (business) day challenge period that begins on Thursday, August 4, 2022 and runs until Wednesday, August 17, 2022. The Board’s office hours are 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. The petition will be made available upon request either over email to [email protected] or in person at the Board’s office with a completed Data Request Form